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LotCon-Inrernet-Marketing-Business-Blogging280Progressive technologies are transforming more and more consumers to use the website for a host of daily chores and activities without leaving the house or office. Many searches are conducted successfully from thousands of websites using the best of competitive keywords that would also attract the favor of search engines. This would generate more traffic to the web business site for more sales and profit.

However, selecting competitive keywords or key phrases could prove to be a challenge or a daunting task for Internet marketers or novice online entrepreneurs without the skills or knowledge. Apt keywords tend to attract niche markets towards the selected brand and business to increase sales and profits.

Types of Keywords

Keywords are crucial to successful and fast searches on the Internet. The right keywords chosen to identify the web content or business website could have more traffic generated to visit the web business site for more sales and wider market presence on and outside the Internet.

Many inexperienced online marketers and entrepreneurs tend to deploy short-tail keywords which comprise one or two words only to describe the brand or product/service. This may be difficult for the search spiders to identify with millions of online contents and websites containing these words. Hence, searches on the web would be slow and competitive, with hundreds, if not thousands, of possible websites displayed on SERPs.

Web consumers would definitely click those on the first page SERP listing while ignoring those behind, no matter how useful their information or content could be. This is a great loss in business for the brand and company after spending so much on Internet marketing campaigns. Hence, online businesses should consider using long-tail keywords which are more effective for better traffic and sales.

Right Deployment of Long-tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords are competitive organic keywords that are used in online searches by web visitors today for more effective searches. Long-tail keywords could be phrases that allow greater specification on information which pinpoints the search online.

These long strings of words are used as search expressions or phrases related to search out specific topics or information for web consumers. Such choices of keywords deployed in strategic online marketing tactics offers less competition as more words are manipulated to form the desired keyword search. It is less likely to have many marketers employing the same string of words as content key phrase which increases the percentage of success in any online search by web visitors. This would increase the amount of web traffic to the web business site that could be converted into sales and profits for the business and marketer.

Therefore, long-tail keywords are simpler to deploy and target niche markets for any business or brand with higher web traffic to the web business site. Creative online marketers and entrepreneurs today engage long-tail keywords in their dynamic online marketing campaigns to lure more targeted niche audiences to their business website constantly.

Long-tail keywords or phrases could be expressions between 3 and 5 words with a direct connection to what a web consumer would type in a search engine platform to narrow down the online search for the desired results. Google or Yahoo search engines pick up these long-tail keywords aptly to generate successful searches in a matter of seconds via advanced technologies.

Importance of Long-tail Keywords to SEO

Well selected keyword phrases work to optimize the website of the brand and business to be more dynamic and SEO focused that augurs well with top search engines. As the market competition becomes more intense, search engines are enhancing their search algorithms with active spiders all over the web for SEO websites.

Long-tail key words or phrases are likely to increase the amount of web traffic of which a large percentage is supposedly potential leads for the business, whereas short-tail keywords may generate similar high web traffic but not convert many to potential business customers.

The narrowing down of target websites with long-tail keywords increases the chances of business opportunities for the company and brand where fewer selections are presented to potential business leads. The more specific keywords are used in an online search, the better the search results for the web business. This also wins the search engines’ favor in identifying the SEO component of the web business to accord a higher web page ranking that would in turn lure more web traffic to the website.

Long-tail keywords are not limited to, local searches only, as the Internet spans the whole globe; hence, global searches could be activated. This would benefit even small online businesses to jumpstart their Internet business venture to be competitive among the big market players that may not be as bold and innovative in deploying long-tail keywords.

Long-tail keywords that generate only a couple of hundred searches from the search engines would be considered ‘optimal’ keywords to offer businesses a higher rate of success in securing more web traffic and sales.

It is not surprising that long-tail keywords often push websites and web pages to a first page ranking with top search engines with a constant flow of high web traffic if compared to short-tail keywords. With long-tail keywords or phrases, the web page is more SEO structured for a faster index and a higher web page ranking.

A long-tail SEO strategy is a powerful and effective online marketing technique that smart Internet marketers and entrepreneurs deploy actively today to gain market favor and share. Search engines are focused on long-tail keywords in every SEO marketing campaign to offer higher page rankings for web pages and websites.


Today’s competitive Internet businesses need the most dynamic of online marketing strategies which bring about long-tail keywords in online searches to boost SEO standing of websites in the market. A well structured SEO web page with long-tail keyword searches augurs well with top search engines to be highly ranked in SERPs. This would attract more web traffic to the web business site for greater business opportunities in terms of more sales and wider market presence.


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