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The best you can get to expand your Business. Many additional optimization features. Two independent, full structure menu levels. Excellent for many product and service description pages. Add technical, support and training information to all your products and services. Targeted posts and article submissions. We add a Google Plus account for more branding. Active, manual SEO optimization. We create the necessary content and will monitor your account almost daily to ensure your traffic and business exposure keeps growing in the right direction.

Intended for:

  • anyone who has a business, needs more business, needs more exposure and want to be ahead of other businesses.

  • business owners who need all the available know-how for professional support and the best tools to expand their business through blogging, social media and internet marketing.

  • those who want to be ahead of their competitors.

Scope of Plan:

  • you complete a few forms and we do it all for you: domain setup, hosting setup, email setup, blog setup, Facebook set up, Twitter setup, LinkedIn setup, YouTube setup and Google+

  • we setup a multiple Facebook Fan Pages for your business

  • we create a small video to open your Youtube account with

  • we design you professional looking business blog with many advanced features

  • we do all your blog posting and add your content to the pages, just submit content

  • we create special keyword targeted postings to move exposure forward

  • we enhance your profile and business pictures and add them wherever possible

  • we keep all your software up-to-date, includes external stored backups

  • we give you access to excellent, easy to understand, step-by-step, user training video’s

  • we give you tips and tricks on getting most out of your account

  • we give you access to our advanced training tools

  • we add tools and do advanced Search Engine Optimization setup and continue to increase your rankings in Google

  • we do weekly, manual SEO improvements

  • we keep your blog active, review it and ensure weekly activity postings

  • we review and ensure three activity postings in your four social media accounts

  • we will create a small video for your YouTube account monthly.

Your Benefits:

  • you get our best efforts for professional internet exposure of your business activities without doing all the difficult setup and maintenance

  • your professional name will be branded and be found in Google and elsewhere

  • your business will be found on specific business related keywords near the top of Google ranking

  • your business prospects will continue to grow over time

  • your account is secure and backups are being made regularly, including off-site mirror

Account closure:
– if for some reason you cannot keep up with the monthly payment we will help you to save all the date you entered into the blog so you can always start again later where you left off. See the full description elsewhere.