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Comparison Plan A Plan B Plan C Plan D Plan E
Use Starter Professional Mini Business Small Business Complete Business
Turnkey Setup
Personable Domain Name
Professional Webhosting
Bandwidth Normal Use Normal Use Normal Use Normal Use Normal Use
Personalized eMails 1 3 5 Unlimited Unlimited
Use of licenses
Blog design Choose from 4 Choose from 15 Business Layout Adapted Layout Fully Personalized
Preset Menu Pages 3 4 5 Full Structure Two Full Structures
Access to Online Training
Access to Advanced Training
Webinar Training (coming)
eMail support Limited Limited <72hrs <48hrs <24hrs
Phone Support Limited Working Hours Daily 08:00 – 22:00
Software Updating
Blog Diagnostics Monthly Bi-monthly
Database Backup Monthly Monthly Bi-monthly Weekly Weekedays
Database Restore Free Free Free Free Free
Blog Hosting Baclup Daily Daily Daily Daily Daily
Blog Restore R$50 R$50 R$50 Free Free
Off-site Blog Mirror Monthly
Activity posting 1/mo 1/mo 2/mo 3/mo 5/mo
Posting Client Material First Month Only
Basic SEO Standard Standard Build-in Manually Bi-Monthly Manually Weekly
Advanced SEO
Traffic Building Basic Advanced
Back Linking
 Facebook Account    
Twitter Account
LinkedIn account
YouTube Account
Google+ Account
Facebook Page(s) 1 Menu Page Multiple Pages
“Like” advertsising
Profile Pictures
Custom Pictures Enhanced Enhanced
Activity Posting 1/month 2/month 3/month 5/month
Video creation 1 /quarter 1/month
First Month Setup Fee: n/a n/a $1,997 $3,997 $5,997
Monthly $147/month Order  A $197/month Order  B $297/month Order  C $497/month Order  D $697/month Order  E

Additional explanations:

Turnkey setup
We ask you to complete some basic information into a form or e-mail (Name, fantasy name, birth date etc.). Just the information we need to setup your media accounts and blog. That is all what you need to do, we will do all the setup and registrations to get your started. When done we advise you and give instructions on how to start working with your new blog and social network accounts. You will have access to instructions video’s and other reference material to make most out of your blog.

Personable or Business Domain Name
We get you the best available domain name. We investigate through our Google account for best options. We do the registration and  take care of the payment(s).

Professional Webhosting
We set your web hosting accounts and we take care of the payments. We use the same professional hosting as we use for our own domains. We have using these hosting services for many years. Uptime have been well over 99.9% We use several hosting accounts so we can move accounts quickly when needed. Your account can grow without limitations. We also have in-depending monitoring services to check all our servers every 10 minutes for up-time.

We do not assign a fix (limited) bandwidth and bandwidth will be automaticly changed to fit the activity of your blog for normal use.

Personalized eMails
We will set up one or more email accounts for you. You will receive the login information and instructions on how to use. You will be able to access your emails through Webmail or through POP3/Imap if you use an email client. Full instructions given.

Use of Licenses
Your monthly payments gives you the use of our software licenses we purchased as well as licenses and subscriptions we pay monthly for you to use. Please read below what will happen if you want to close your account or if you cannot make the monthly payments for a few months.

Blog Design
How your blog will look depends on the plan you choose. In the detailed Plan descriptions you can see examples (…coming)

Preset Menu Pages
Depending on your plan, we will create some initial blog pages for you. However, you can create almost as many as you need (even in Plan A) and set up a menu structure for it. Just watch the video instructions. Plan D and E do have some additional menu functionalities we will setup and maintain to facilitate the best use of your business blog.

Access to online training
There will be small video clips on the most important activities you will need to use your blog. This include writing, editing and deleting post and pages, uploading media (video, music, documents), adding media in posts and pages, creating menu structure and much more. We will give you access instructions (password).

Advanced Training
Plan C, D and E do have special blog design feautures. Those users will get access to the advanced training video’s and written explanantions. We do almost all work for customers on Plan D and E but if they want to do some editing etc. themselves they can get access to the advanced training.

Webinar training
We are preparing webinar training so we can show our customers online specific “How To” instructions when needed.

eMail support
We will give email support for all customers. We expect to be answer quickly, often within minutes during office hours. Outside office hours we will prioritize as listed.

Phone support
We will plan to do full phone support but we like to limit this initially until we have all of our other activities fully automated.

Software Updating
We take fully care of all software and server updates as soon as they are published. We are used to do it for our own blogs, we will also do it for you. You will be assured that you always work with the latest versions.

Blog Diagnostics
On our large business blogs (Plan D and E) we will do regular Blog diagnostices to ensure optimal and fastest performance. We ensure that there are no bad links or any problems what could effect rankings in Google or other search engines.

Database Backup
All information you enter into the blog is stored in a standard database format. We backup regular for you. This backup we will also make available upon requet if you decide not longer to use our services (see below: What happens when you stop the monthly payment).

Database Restore
In the unlikely case the database get corrupted we will restore from our backup.

Blog Hosting Backup
Our hosting services do daily server backups. The need to restore is very unlikely but it could be needed if you accidental deleted information we cannot recover any other way.

Blog Restore
We do charge a low fee for a blog restore for Plan A, B and C. As we are responsible for data entry in Plan D and E, we will cover the cost if ever needed.

Off-site Blog Mirror
For our Plan E customers we will make a complete backup every month to another server. Just an additional level of data protection.

Activity posting
It is important for ranking in search engines (and for your blog visitors) that the blog looks active, i.e. recent changes or additions have been made. We ensure this activity postings to the blog with proper text, text related to your business. We do contract ghostwriters for this purpose. Also we ensure that these posts helps to improve the ranking of your website long term, i..e. special written for SEO.

Posting Client Material
We post all information (text and media) for our Plan D and E customers. But all Customers of all plans are in full control of almost all information displayed in posts and pages. You can add, edit and delete at any time the information, even the activity posts we do on your behalf.

Basic SEO
Search Engine Optimization are activities required to improve your blog in the rankings when people search for information on certain keywords. All blog owners like to have their blog showing on the first page in Google Search. To get there for common keywords takes a long time and a lot of work behind the scenes. All our blogs have standard feature to improve ranking over time.

Advanced SEO
We apply more efforts and add more commercial  tools to plans with higher monthly payments to achieve better ranking sooner and to maintain the high ranking when achieved. Advanced SEO also increases the number of keywords the blog is found for (which will increase the number of potential customers finding the blog).

Traffic Building
Besides SEO there are other techniques to bring potential customers to your website. We apply these techniques to the Plan D and E customers. Some of this is even done by targeting advertising we pay for.

Back Linking
The more websites and blogs link to your blog, the more visitors you will have and this will also have a direct effect on your blog ranking in Google. This is a intensive job and often costly and must be done with care to avoid links from none subject related sites (like porn sites).

Branding your name and/or your business through Social Media becomes more and more important. Not just because of the back links it creates to your blog but also for many other reasons. If a customer thinks o spent money on a service or product, he/she wants to know more about the business or owner. Have you “Googled” your name recently? Most potential customer will do that to see if you are “real” and to see if there are positive or negative comments posted.

Branding can not longer be ignored by professionals or businesses. We take a very advanced step to include branding services in our business blog plans. Branding services also increases you SEO rankings. Additional we monitor what might be said about your business.

Facebook Account
We make one for you or we optimize your existing one. We know how to do that most effectively and will also help to grow your friends.

Twitter account
We setup one or optimize your existing one. We know how to do that most effectively and will also help to grow your followers.

LinkedIn Account
No professional or business owner should avoid to be a member. We setup your account or optimize an existing acount.

YouTube account
There are now many reasons to have a Google YouTube account. Obvious Google will like that. Having videos in a YouTube account increases business exposure and a valuable back link. The more related video’s are posted into your account, the more targeted traffic you might receive. We will setup an account for you.

Google+ Account
Brand new! You can only become member by email invitation. But being an early bird might pay off. This is not the first time Google tries to compete with the 750,000,000 Facebook members. When we looked inside we did see postive features (specially for businesses) which facebook is still missing. We will open accounts for Plan E customers.

Facebook Pages
Facebook changed completely the way facebook (fan) pages worked in February 2011. You certainly have noticed that all big Businesses are actively using Facebook Pages to promote their business. (You are only allowed to have one facebook account, but there is no limit on the number of (business) pages attached to your account. We know how to set up Facebook pages to benefit your business most in the years to come..

“Like” Advertising
Facebook page must be promoted to get as many people to “Like” your page(s). We will apply special techniques and advertising to grow the number of targeted “likes”.

Profile Pictures
We will ask for your profile picture(s) and we will resize it correctky for each application. We will do that for all plans.

Custome pictures
Some profile pictures should be modified themed to include buisness names and links to your blog or sites. We will do that for our C, D and E Business plans.

Activity posting
Not only important for your blog, but also important for your social network accounts. We will do at the rate listed for all your social network accounts included in your plan.

Video creation
YouTube account should remain active too. We will create targeted YouTube video’s at regulat intervals to upload to YouTube (Plan D and E).

What happens when you cancel the account (or if we do not receive monthly payments anymore)
We will make a complete backup of your account and we will store it for at least one year. You will be able to restore your account at any time for the current monthly fee and a R$100 activation fee within one year of your cancellation or last payment due). At the time we will remove all our licensed and copyright programs, tools and subscriptions. The blog will become a standard WordPress blog and theme, displaying a “blog” in maintenance message. If you like to keep your domain your need to take action and request a transfer., you will need to open a hosting account and request a transfer. If you want to continue your blog and/or your domain related email account, you need to contract an hosting company. Upon request we forward you or your hosting company a backup copy of the blog database, so they can restore your basic WP blog. After one year everything of your account will be removed from our servers.