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An excellent package for anyone to start blogging for fun or with a more professional purpose in mind. You get a turnkey product, yes, we do all the setup for you. Just make the first month payment, complete a few simple forms and within 3 -5 days the blog will be delivered to you with instructions on how to use it (including access to video lessons and other training material). Even our Blog Starter Package is setup with all the extra security for a business blog (not just a standard blog installation). We will also setup and/or link to your Facebook and Twitter accounts, so you can start branding your name.

Intended for:

  • anyone who wants to have a personal blog, personal email account and be able to connect with friends and family through Facebook and Twitter and have not time or skills to set this all up.

  • for students. This is an excellent way to start a professional career

  • self-employed workers in small towns who need low cost business promotion

Scope of Plan:

  • you complete a few forms and we do it all for you: domain setup, hosting setup, email setup, blog setup, facebook set up, twitter setup

  • we add your profile picture wherever possible

  • we keep all your software up-to-date

  • we give you access to excellent, easy to understand, step-by-step, user training video’s

  • we give you tips and tricks on getting most out of your account

  • we do basic Search Engine Optimization setup so you will be found in Google

Your Benefits:

  • you get internet exposure without doing all the difficult setup and maintenance

  • your name will be branded and be found in Google and elsewhere

  • your account is secure and backups are being made regularly

  • we keep your blog active, review it and ensure a monthly posting

Reasons to upgrade:

  • when you need more professional career exposure

  • when you need more business contacts

  • when you need some social media account activity because you have not always time to do it yourself

Account closure:

If for some reason you cannot keep up with the monthly payment we will help you to save all the date you entered into your blog so you can always start again later at the point where you left off. See the full description elsewhere.