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LotCon-Inrernet-Marketing-Business-Blogging280Blogs are dynamic online marketing strategies which creative marketers and business owners are manipulating aggressively today. A simple blog post could draw many potential business prospects to the website with great content that is interesting, relevant and useful to blog readers.

Blogs have been transformed dramatically since the concept was introduced; from a simple online journal or recording of personal views, thoughts and ideas, blogs are now dynamically deployed to boost business brands, market presence and sales. Marketers and business owners could activate blog marketing to drive traffic and sales personally or hire professional bloggers who understand the dynamics of their business and brand to write appropriate blogs in promoting their business goals.

Valuable simple tips on blogging are given to generate the optimal response from a blog post for the business.

1) Dynamic Visual Content 

Although the great content could lure more interest and stir consumer curiosity to read the blog post, the better business response could be activated with visual content. Research reveals a higher statistic with visual content in a blog post that engages readers better than text content, regardless of the style and flair of writing.

Hence, it is not surprising that blogs today include images, graphics and videos that are fun, attractive and entertaining to grab consumer attention and interest towards the business brand and offers. Such dynamic visual contents in blogs are able to steer consumer marketing behavior that would benefit the business bottom line and brand.

2) Short Paragraphs

With more visual contents included in a blog, the actual blog content in text needs to be in shorter paragraphs that would not divert the attention of the viewers. Shorter blocks of text make it easier for the viewers to focus and digest on the content which supplements the video content.

Modern consumers prefer visual content over text content. Hence, text content should be used to complement the video content with more description or clarifications that would help the viewer make better informed decisions about their purchases.

3) Compelling Keywords 

Compelling blogs require compelling keywords from title to a conclusion that would attract viewers in supporting the brand or business. A dynamic blog post requires compelling keywords that are competitive in the market to ensure a quick and successful search by dynamic search engines.

However, care and caution must be exercised in engaging with keywords to avoid over spamming and poor writing. Good keywords could be inserted in the title, a couple of times in the body and at the conclusion to remind readers of the focus of the blog. Keyword stuffing in any blog or article would be picked up and penalized by search engines.

4) Include Opt-in Subscription

The key feature of a blog is to convert potential leads to become opt-in subscribers to the brand by being in the business mailing list. Hence, it is vital to have an online subscription form available at the end of every post to instigate an opt-in action by the reader or viewer.

When the reader becomes an opt-in subscriber to the business, it would be easier to convert him or her to be a customer as the marketer engages in building a strong customer relationship over time. An opting in by the potential leads allows marketers to interact more closely with the business prospect freely with relevant emails sent regularly to instigate purchases and support for the brand and business.

5) Relevant Headings and Bulleted Lists

A dynamic blog post would have relevant headings and bullet points for an easy scan of important details or information that would encourage an immediate purchase by the reader. Busy consumers today do not want to waste time reading through long texts in blog to search out pertinent information that helps them to decide on making purchases.

Headings and bulleted points capture the readers’ eyes and attention more quickly than paragraphs of text. These are crucial SEO traits that augur well with search engines for better page rankings and faster online searches. Hence, the article would be read through quickly to grasp the importance and attractive offerings by the business.

LotCon-Local-Business-Engaging-Content2806) Useful Links to Other Relevant Content

It is important to supply one or two useful links that complement the blog contents read by viewers. This would establish the truth of the matter by the blog post with confirmation from other parties in the industry or market. Such links would also boost the market status of the blogger as attuned to the current market condition and needs.

Potential leads are more likely to opt in as subscribers in the business mailing list when they can confirm the validity of the blog post through other reliable and established sources. Readers would appreciate the extra information at their fingertips instead of a personal search; hence, readers would be convinced by the information provided to make a faster purchasing decision that benefits the business.

Attaching a good link or two in the blog is also a dynamic marketing strategy which would draw top search engines’ attention and favor in raising the page ranking. More traffic would be generated with a higher page rank. WordPress offers related content plug-ins to make such link attachments easy and effective.

7) Personal Style

The origins of a blog were to be personal and expressive in displaying the thoughts and views of the blogger. Personal experiences and emotions were written down in electronic form instead of the traditional journal or diary. Now, blogs are dynamic marketing tools which could capture a lot of organic traffic if the marketer turns into versatile blogger with a personal touch.

It is more effective when blogs are written in a personal style that addresses readers as ‘friends’, ‘comrades’ or ‘fellow consumers’ than formal presentations or thesis. The former approach is friendlier in style to encourage readers to finish through the blog. Simple words and phrases are included for a dynamic connection between blogger and readers to reach the same goal and conclusion.


Write Blog Posts that appeal to the targeted readers or viewers in mind would bring on more lucrative business outcomes when deployed as a dynamic marketing tool.

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