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Websites are “OUT”

Blogs are “IN”

Social Media is “IN”

Get YOUR “TURNKEY” Solution !!

Websites are expensive. You need webmaster skills and HTML programming to put content on your website and likely you have to ask a web programmer to do it for you. It will take quite some time to get it done.

A blog can be configured as a website.   With a blog you have personal control over the content, anytime, anywhere !   And it is even cheaper to outsource if you prefer that !  
Yes, we can do it all for you!

 YOU can create a page like this in minutes !   It takes you much longer to WRITE the text !!!

Blogging helps to connect to people, yes new customers! Social Media connect easy to your blog. Tap into the 750,000,000 active Facebook members as well as Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and the new Google Plus! We set it up for you!

A blog gives you ability to provide your customers (and potential new customers) with fresh content on a daily or weekly basis. Something what is difficult to achieve with a website. A blog let’s you add new material, including audio and video, completely by yourself, without the need of your webmaster or programmer involvement. Blogging has helped companies to establish more client interaction since many customers, and also random surfers, will happily utilize a blog to comment and share feedback on their experiences or ask questions. Adding a blog to an existing website can increase your website traffic and create a positive business exposure. Think of your professional or business blog for what it actually is: your voice, speaking directly to potential clients, when you aren’t around. Give your business blog a chance to bring in new contacts, new traffic, new subscribers, new credibility and establish your authority – and more profit than you thought possible with a website.

5 “Turnkey” Blog & Media Options

  starting at $ 147.00 /month

For Professionals Plan A Plan B
Several Blog Designs, complete setup 4 models 15 models
Domain, Hosting, Training and basic SEO setup
Setup and Branding of Social Media accounts none 3
Pricing $147/month Order Now $197/month Order Now 

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For Businesses Plan C Plan D Plan E
Complete Blog Designs, full menu structure Business Layout Adapted Layout Fully Personalized
Advanced  Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Includes mobile site
Latest responsive design
Activity posting 2/mo 3/mo 5/mo
Posting Client Material First Month Only
Blog security, backups, link management
Video creation 1 /quarter 1 /nonth
First Month $1,997 $3,997 $5,997
Monthly $297/month Order Now $497/month Order Now $697/month Order Now

Ask For detailed comparison of features.