Branding: They’re Googling You

They’re Googling you. They’re typing your name into the query box and their judging the results. They’re clicking on the ones that come up–even the ones you wish they’d avoid. They’re trying to figure out if you’re the real deal or an impostor. They want to know about your business and whether you can be trusted. They’re not accepting your word and your website’s statements to answer those questions.

They’re Googling you.

So, what are they seeing?

Do they immediately encounter a massive collection of links reporting positive news, trumpeting your professionalism, establishing your expertise and vouching for your great business ethics?

Is there so much positive information out there that it eliminates the risk of losing tem as potential clients or customers on the basis of that search?

Or, are they forced to dig deep to find a few halfway relevant entries? Are they uncovering personal profiles and information that’s unrelated to your business? Worse yet, are the encountering things that will actively encourage them not to do business with you?

Here’s the scoop: Many people will conduct extra research about you and your business before spending a dollar with you. If they aren’t finding the right things as they research, you’re going to lose them.

So you need to make your online presence a top priority. It’s time to start giving some serious thought to online branding and whether you’re doing everything you can to create that winning image.

The alternative, after all, is anything but attractive. You don’t want to lose business because you failed to take a handful of pretty easy steps.

That’s right. Easy. Creating a viable brand online isn’t that difficult. You don’t need to be a marketing guru to pull it off. You just need to follow some proven strategies. And if you’re willing to make that commitment, you will be able to develop an invincible online presence in a much shorter time than you may have imagined possible.

You can build that reputation the long, hard way. You can scrape for those first customers and slowly, but surely start building a presence via luck and word of mouth. Or, you can make the process move along at supersonic speeds by utilizing an extensive range of free and incredibly cheap resources.

They’re Googling you. Right now. Is that helping you or is it hurting you? If you don’t think it’s hoping you a lot, it’s time to turn branding into a top priority. Doing so is a winning investment. Improving your brand has a positive impact on your bottom line and establishes you in the marketplace in ways other techniques can’t manage.

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Get started with personal branding today.

Branding Yourself: Flooding SERPs with Articles

Use articles to magnify your online presence. Articles has many distribution options. Articles gets your branding efforts off to a running start.

Instead of distributing your article to one or two top directories, consider a mass distribution to as many directories as you can fit into your schedule (or your outsourcing budget). You will get a little additional backlink benefit out of the process, but the main advantage will be in your ability to flood the SERPs with your message.

You can intensify the effect by varying the title and a significant percentage of the actual text’s content from site to site. With a little effort and a high-quality article, you can instantly create the building blocks for a lasting and significant online presence.

Things get even rosier when and if those articles get picked up by third party websites for use as content.

Focus on Branding

The idea of ramping up your personal branding is attractive at face value. There’s something nice about obtaining recognition and earning the respect and attention of others. Those little perks, however, pale in comparison to the practical benefits of good branding.

Initially, people who have recognized brands tend to attract more attention and traffic than others. They naturally begin to accumulate traffic-driving backlinks and those assist in search engine performance. They become hubs within their niches that everyone consults on a regular basis. Additionally, that position of authority and standing in the field enhances conversion rates. People trust making purchases from brands they know and respect.

Additionally, good branding allows you to distinguish yourself from the competition. That means you can compete on levels other than price. Translation: You don’t need to be the cheapest in your niche because you’re perceived as being the best. Additionally translation: You can charge more.